Dominion Hospital understands the unique mental health needs of children and adolescents. While our primary focus is on delivering mental health care, we also provide education services to support our inpatient and partial school-age patients during their admission. Dominion Hospital offers patients access to their schoolwork; however, we are not a school and do not provide direct instruction or give grades. Dominion supports patients' engagement with learning.

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Education Services Team

Dominion Hospital's Education Services Team consults directly with appropriate school personnel to address school stressors related to admission and explore available school assistance where applicable. We provide case management for all school-age patients. The Education Services staff are responsible for supervising and providing support to patients in the Learning Lab in addition to communicating with schools and facilitating the patients' transition back to school. We are members of the patient's multidisciplinary treatment team, and collaborate with physicians, social workers and other clinical staff to identify and deliver the most appropriate care.

The Learning Lab

Dominion Hospital's Learning Lab is available to all patients except for the off-site outpatient programs. The Learning Lab is equipped with a SMART Board, laptops, and a printer for patient use. All school-age patients are encouraged to work on their schoolwork while they are in the hospital during the academic calendar year. If the patient is unavailable for learning or engaging in schoolwork, we provide alternative learning/therapeutic activities. During the summer, the Education Services staff implements a summer curriculum that includes leadership and team building activities, social skills development, and other activities that promote and encourage creativity.

How You Benefit

Our goal is to provide a supportive learning environment while your child is focusing on their mental health treatment. We work with school personnel and families to assist with transition planning, provide recommendations, and documentation needed for returning to school.

We are involved in community partnerships, special events, and are members of school advisory boards, so we are abreast of issues and concerns of our regional school systems, and can intervene and deliver the appropriate care for students.