Dominion Hospital
December 05, 2016

Dominion Hospital is thrilled to announce that Virtual Therapy will launch at the facility beginning Monday December 12, 2016. Virtual Therapy utilizes a secure platform featuring a customized web portal and VTConnect app for HIPAA and HiTech compliant video teleconferencing and real-time chat.

Virtual Therapy will enable hospital staff to conduct virtual meetings for the purpose of improving access to behavioral health care. Dominion will also utilize this platform to extend existing Telescreening capacities beyond current efforts with the local Fairfax/Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) for the purpose of assessing a patient and/or assisting a patient in planning for the next appropriate level of care.

As technology continues to open new doors, we hope that this service will further establish Dominion Hospital as the premium provider of mental health care in our region. Stay tuned for more information and additional details as this exciting service progresses.