Dominion Hospital
June 09, 2016

Dominion Hospital has a history and commitment of being very integrated into the community, and strives to serve as a valuable resource and community partner. This spring, Dominion Hospital and the Fairfax Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) launched a telescreening service, linking patients to community programs. The telescreening project is a positive link between a private hospital and a public agency. The telescreening technology allows patients to connect to community programs and services without having to interrupt their inpatient treatment. The CSB clinician simply dials into a secure video/audio connection with Dominion Hospital. The patient is able to sit comfortably in a private area in front of a computer monitor where both the patient and clinician can see and hear each other. The screening is accomplished in a relatively short time and the patient can quickly return to treatment programming. Dominion Hospital is very excited about this new service, and believe that it will improve our patient’s ability to reconnect to the community during their recovery process.