Dominion Hospital
June 06, 2019

Falls Church, VA – Leading the mid-Atlantic region in the treatment of Complex Trauma Disorders, Dominion Hospital announced this week that it has opened a new, inpatient TraumaSci unit. The 10-bed unit provides a safe and nurturing environment for adult clients requiring acute care. The unit is an exceptional resource, helping Dominion to provide a full continuum of care for those suffer from multiple trauma events or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The 10-bed unit joins Dominion Hospital’s existing TraumaSci Adult Partial Hospital Program (PHP), an outpatient, day treatment program, launched in October. Both programs are under the clinical supervision of Dr. Joan Turkus, who has years of experience in the trauma field, and who maintains a national profile, including her recognition for lifetime achievements in the field, as a practitioner, teacher, and consultant.

Dr. Turkus has been foundational in forming the inpatient unit, which includes trauma-focused group therapy, individual psychotherapy, expressive therapy and resilience training for those patients experiencing debilitating symptoms related to serious traumatic events, such as threatened death, serious injury and physical, sexual and emotional abuse. This combination of therapies are unique to Dominion Hospital, and are intended to inspire patient curiosity and insight to create a narrative leading to integration and understanding of one’s traumatic experiences.

“Dominion Hospital is thrilled of offer this resource to our extended community,” said Lee Higginbotham, CEO of Dominion Hospital, “An inpatient program of this caliber was desperately needed. We began admitting patients on day one.”

“Dominion Hospital is the regional specialist providing short-term mental health services for children, teens, and adults. This new unit allows us to offer focused trauma resources, and to provide a full continuum to teach strategies and skills to increase resilience, and decrease affective dysregulation, intrusion of traumatic experiences, and self-harming behaviors,” adds Michael Repie, Ph.D., Senior Director of Clinical Services. “The symptoms of complex trauma often impair a patient’s ability to function in life, but there is help and hope for the future.”

The new TraumaSci Inpatient Unit is located on Dominion Hospital’s campus in Falls Church, specializing in crisis stabilization through compassionate care. The hospital offers free, confidential and immediate assessments from a First Step counselor 24/7 at (703) 538-2871.