Dominion Hospital March 01, 2017

The March 2017 Social Work Month Theme is Social Workers: Stand Up and Believing Change is Always Possible. The rationale for this theme is that Social Workers stand up by comforting people who are experiencing devastating illnesses and mental health crises, ensuring they get the best care while on the road to recovery.

Every March, Dominion Hospital recognizes the Clinical Therapists/Social Workers and Counselors who work in all of our levels of care to include Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Utilization Management, and Assessment & Referral. Social Workers and Clinical Therapists are trained to look at situations in a holistic way. They help people increase their ability to solve problems, to cope with stressors and to get needed resources. Thank you to the Dominion Hospital Clinical Therapists, Social Workers, and Counselors not only during Social Work Month, but every day!