Dominion Hospital
February 16, 2016

Dominion Hospital is proud to announce that Jody Wager, dance/movement therapist and Director of the Expressive Therapy Department, has been invited to participate in “The First Annual Virtual Creativity Festival for Mental Health Professionals: Get Out Of The Box And Into Your Right Mind” on February 26 – 27, 2016. This onsite conference has brought together over one dozen of the world’s most influential therapists, and asked each of them to bring the participant inspired approaches that will help them partner with their creativity to do their best work and elicit deep transformation within their clients (and themselves). You can learn more about this unique educational opportunity by visiting the Creativity Festival website.

Jody leads her team at Dominion Hospital, which consists of art, dance/movement, music and yoga therapists, to provide a creative approach to treatment and self-expression every day to the patients that they serve. Jody’s advocacy for dance/movement therapy and the expressive therapies in general, goes beyond Dominion Hospital as she currently serves as president of the American Dance Therapy Association.