Dominion Hospital
April 07, 2016

Dominion Hospital continues to be a strong partner with Fairfax County Public Schools and support mental health needs of our local community. In addition to providing resources from The Jason Foundation for suicide awareness and prevention for students, parents and professionals, Dominion Hospital participated in two significant events hosted by FCPS in April 2016.

The first event, Teen 101: Parent Resource Conference took place on April 7th at Robinson Secondary School. Our clinical staff, Suzanne Fortnum and Devra Gordon, presented to local parents on techniques to foster resiliency. They were able to address questions about accessing behavioral health treatment.

The second event, The Special Education Resource Fair, took place on April 9th at Hayfield Secondary School and was attended by Amie Fulcher and Alex Fleche. The event provided an opportunity for Dominion Hospital to discuss the behavioral and emotional needs of students within the area of special education.